Supporting the society with elevators

Support the society with elevator

Our company is a pioneer on service elevators. We are a long-standing manufacturing company that was built under a unified structure for the development and design of elevators through to their manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Through elevators, we have contributed to the distribution of materials, which in turn supports the country's economy and creates its future.

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The Moriya Elevator

The Moriya Elevator

Flexibility: We offer custom-made products and propose the most optimum specifications according to the customer's wishes.
Trust and result: Our durable and strong design makes it possible to use our elevators in severe conditions such as cold storage warehouses.
Quick response: We offer 24/7 maintenance services throughout all of Japan.

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We meet the demands of our customers flexibly with our rich experience and secure services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We utilize our network, which covers the whole country, to swiftly and fully protect our customers' elevators.

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Completed projects


We introduce examples of installations in various parts of the country.
We install our products safely and securely according to the customer's expectations.

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Background of the safety built over the past 70 years

The background of “Safety” accumulated for 70years

Our top-class technology for service elevators has been proven for 70 years.
Our customers are able to use our products for a long time because we continue to ensure safe manufacturing every day.

Our history

You will write the history of our company going forward.


Would you like to work with a long-standing elevator manufacturer? We meticulously create elevators that are selected by our customers and made to their satisfaction one unit at a time. We are looking for people to join us in such work.

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