Maintenance Contract Type
Maintenance Agreement

Comparison of contract contents


Item FM (Maintenance Contract) POG (Confirmation Contract)
Adjustment We will support to everything We will support only the minor adjustments
Emergency response
(Failure response)
It will be available all day.
It is included in the maintenance cost.
(Excluding items (* 1))
It will be available all day, but additional costs and parts costs will be incurred.
Parts replacement Included in contract
(Excluding items (* 2))
Only the consumables below will be handled
(Excluding items (* 1))
  • Various oils and fats (lubrication / replenishment)
    * Excludes hydraulic oil for hydraulic units and gear oil for hoisting machines
  • Electromagnetic connector, Fuse
  • Waste cloth
  • Lamps (for various indicators and pushbuttons)
  • Lamps (for lighting in the cage, emergency lights)
Annual inspection Separate inspection fee is required
(Costs vary depending on the elevators that are subject to the Building Standards Act and comply with the Industrial Safety and Health Act)
Merits We perform parts replacement and repair as preventive maintenance according to the years of use and conditions to keep the elevator in good condition.
There are no need to set a special budget for expensive repair of consumable parts in the future, and it is possible to process the expenses at a flat monthly amount.
Comparing with FM contract, this is a contract that does not require the burden of regular monthly fees.
We propose a repair estimate as requirement based on the results of regular inspections.
Demerits The contract will only be concluded from the beginning of construction.
* In principle, it is impossible to switch halfway from a POG contract.
It is necessary to budget in advance for out-of-contract adjustments and parts repairs.
In addition, when a catastrophic failure occurs, you must urgently get a repair budget.

* 1 Problems due to improper handling by the user; breakage, damage, etc, and external factors; natural disasters, condensation, etc, are outside the scope of the contract and will be charged separately.

* 2 Exclusion items

(1) Repair, replacement work caused by human or external factors, painting, plating, repair, replacement, cleaning of design parts, and complete replacement of hoisting machines and motors including replacement of parts.
(2) Construction related to the revision of various laws and regulations or the repair or addition of new accessories by the order or request of government offices.