Construction Division

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Q1. Why to choose Moriya Shipping Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.?

・I wanted a place where I be in the position I wanted to be in and do the work I wanted to do.
・I didn't have any particular commitment to the industry, and would quite mindlessly make things. I really wanted a company where the products were something to take pride in.

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Q2. What kind of work have you been in charge of?

・I am in charge of Building Elevators and Installation Procedures. I support those workers who can rarely go to the office by Helping with communications, smoothing out the work process and creating documents for them.

Q3. What was an instance when you felt your work was worthwhile?

・I am very happy when a thought or some sort of advice proves to be useful to someone.
・When solving an issue and I get an [Ah, thank you, that was really helpful], I feel like I really want to do my best again next time as well.

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Q4. What are some things you need to be careful about on the job?

・ I take to heart making sure that my emails, phone conversation are all done in a manner where they are easily understandable.

Q5. What do you think about Moriya Transport Equipment Industry?

・This company is wonderful and it can defnitely grow even more. I want to keep moving forward and make Moriya into an even better company.

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Q6. What is a self creedo you truly stand by?

・[Put off things you don’t want to do]
・This may seem negative but in reality it’s not, There are many things that people are bad at and people very much dislike, and we all avoid some of them. For me, taking on a difficult situation head on isn’t part of my personality. I approach these situations slowly, and once I’ve had time to breathe and think, then I will take it on.