Design Division

Y. T.

Q1. Why to choose Moriya Shipping Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.?

・「We have the number 1 share in the industry] and [Simplicity and Durability] were two phrases that really caught my attention.

Y. T.
Q2. What kind of work have you been in charge of?

・Creation of Ship Elevator Design Plans. Based on Elevator technical specs, every part was modeled and designed in CAD with painstaking detail.

Q3. What was an instance when you felt your work was worthwhile?

・When a ship elevator was completed, we would be invited to the delivery reception and inspection of the product. When this happened, the designers at the shipyard and the designers at the company proper would share greetings and be able to talk to each other. Seeing the relieved and joyful smiles of my co-workers, it really made me feel great. Moments like this were most definitely when I felt my work was worthwhile.

Q4. What are some things you need to be careful about on the job?

・I think that on top of mutual understanding of each other plans we also need to grapple with conveying and explaining unclear ideas to each other.

Q5. What do you think about Moriya Transport Equipment Industry?

・The workers here are very generous to each other. They tend to give out things to their collegues, like suveneirs from business trips etc.

Q6. What is a self creedo you truly stand by?

・When you have something to be done right infront of you, do your best to complete it. ・When I think about the people that will come after me, things may be difficult now don't seem so tough.