Ship and Vessel Division

N. H.

Q1. Why to choose Moriya Shipping Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.?

At my previous job, everything I had done up till now has been related to System Engineering. However, I had been wanting to move to a job that deals more with tangible products as corporate sales. It came to my attention that this company was hiring sales people to work on ship elevators, and since working on ships is a rather large job, I thought it would allow me to acquire some experience in the field.

N. H.
Q2. What kind of work have you been in charge of?

・I am in charge of After Sales Services in regards to shipowner and trading companies or other agencies as well as being in charge of newly set up ship elevators for shipyards inside of Japan. For this work I had to deal with many people from many different work backgrounds such as procurment leads, head designers and manufacturing directors. Thanks to this experience, I have a large amount of knowledge and experience dealing with difficult situations, such as taking into account maintenance and customers with their new set ups, and guiding them through the process. I also have experience, thanks to my After Sales Service experience, with guiding customers with repairs and information regarding newly made vessels. I believe that I have a very large range of experiences in this industry.

Q3. What was an instance when you felt your work was worthwhile?

・I got a feeling of satisfaction with my job when I realized that, although our elevators didn't move ships, they delivered items like cars, coal, oil, LNG and containers. Being on the other side of distribution made me feel very useful.

N. H.
Q4. What are some things you need to be careful about on the job?

I feel it’s especially important to pay close attention to several different things: Since Business Operations Set up and After Services both become points of contact for many customers, it is also where they place orders and make requests. Thus in order to not place any undue stress on the Engineering, Manufacturing, System Service, and Construction Division’s Post Production section, there needs to be special attention given to payment times and deadlines. In addition, when talking to customers it’s very important to not use jargon related to elevators.

Q5. What do you think about Moriya Transport Equipment Industry?

・I feel that the fact that Moriya doesn’t make a distinction between new graduate hires and mid-career hires, and allows them to work together is a great point of this company. I was also a mid-career hire out of many but I was quickly able to feel right at home here. It felt great.

Q6. What is a self creedo you truly stand by?

I take to heart not bringing private matters, personal issues and feelings to your work. In addition, for everyone, in order for a society to work well, regardless of your rank and standing, you should always treat others with an air of respect.