Service Engineering

N. K.

Q1. Why to choose Moriya Shipping Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.?

There are two reasons I decided to join Moriya.
・Moriya’s freight elevator is a rather unique product they make.
・Nationwide the installation of elevators means that, through my work I can go to many different places through out the country.

N. K.
Q2. What kind of work have you been in charge of?

・Contract Manufacturing Management (Accident Support, Part Preperation, Repair Program).
・Repair and Improvement Arrangements, Operations Management.
・On the spot dispatch, Inspection and Accident Response. Overseas Business Trips for Ship Elevator as well as many other things.

Q3. What was an instance when you felt your work was worthwhile?

・When we receive an order for Repairs, we typically hold a meeting. We then start construction all the way to finish, and then pass it off to our client. Once the elevator’s been fixed and we hear our clients happy voices, I feel very satisified with my job.

N. K.
Q4. What are some things you need to be careful about on the job?

・The most common form of inspection is usually 2 people. Usually one person is infront of the control panel while the other is on top of the Elevator car and together they have to move the car around and let each other know about things that the other may not be able to see. If they can't understand each other It could lead to injuries, so I feel like clearly communicating with your voice is very important while on the job.

Q5. What do you think about Moriya Transport Equipment Industry?

・Since most of our products are order made, things like the 10t scales etc are all very unique and interesting in their own right.

Q6. What is a self creedo you truly stand by?

・Be able to return home safely and happily after doing a my job is my mindset.