A Message for Potential Candidates from our Representative



Our company is an elevator manufacturer with [Special Larger elevators] being our main product. Since our establishment in 1949, as a Shipping Vehicle Maker, we have, through the ages always interpreted the needs of our customers and taken on the challenge of constructing and developing elevators for them. This is especially true of one of our main products the [Freight Elevator], as it has, over the years, it continued to grow in use as Refrigeration units, Refrigeration Vehicles, Delivery Vehicles, and Manufacturing Spaces have continued to implement them. Our company standard is [You can do what you want], [ You can make your imagination reality] and [You can find fulfillment]. We are hiring talent that dares to dream, who wish for [Self growth] and the [Growth of their workplace]. For the future of Japan and the growth of our company, bring your energy and boundless imagination.

Moriya Transportation Engineering and Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
President and CEO​ Moriya Sadao


Our Ideal Candidates

  1. Those who can think and act on their own.
  2. Those who do not forget their mistakes and become stronger because of them
  3. Those who can cooperate well with others and who give their best.
  4. Those who are able to adapt to their environment and continue to grow.