Ship elevator No.1


As an Elevator aimed at The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise Co. for our clients, we offer to [Knock down the walls between each other] with this barrier less concept. With a design based off of 18th Century French Vessels in mind, this particular elevator is for all those customers who wish to take a tour through Hakone.

Record of Achievements
Load Capacity​750kg
Number of People10
Rated Speed30 m/min
Floors3 Areas
Ship Classification/RegistrationNK / JG
Standard TypeBarrier Free Elevator 2
(2007 Travel Vessel Barrier Free Guideline)
Special pointsThis isn’t your ordinary elevator aimed towards marine vessels, meant for for fresh water vessels, the body is made of an aluminum alloy and constructed especially to withstand shaking and other kinds of shock. This is a demonstration of our commitment to the safety and well being of our clients. Even if you can’t easily see it, as an elevator maker, this is how we demonstrate our technical prowess.