About us
About us

About us

Through Elevators, We Support Society

Support the society with elevator

We at Moriya Engineering and Manufactuaring are Freight Elevator Pioneers. From the implementation of elevators to design, building, operation, and maintenance, we have a history of consistant quality and construction. We are responsible for the Logistics and logistical economic support for Freight elevators and through this, we are creating the future.


Why should you choose Moriya Elevator?

1 We have the highest share in Freight Elevator Market.

We have the largest reach in the Freight Elevator market for made to order Freight Elevators. We can fulfill an extensive amount of needs and options.

2 An Original Automatic Verticle Transport [The Maclifter]

Combining Elevator Engineering and Conveyer belt enginering, we created our own original automatic Veritcle Transport called [The Maclifter]. Recognized as a logistical revolution, the Maclifter has increased our research and development power as well as confidence in our company.

3 The Elevator that Saves Space, No control room required

With its drive gears and control panel installed in hard to reach areas, the No Engine Room type elevator allows you to truly save space and cut costs. Even though the Freight Elevator is our most saught after and asked for product, with our guidance we make each of our machines to fit our customers needs earning many achievements along the way.

4 [Elevator: how you want it] Customizable

We make machines for cargo delivery and varying other similar situations. Taking into account both the enviornment and the practical use of our machines, we have an extensive amount of options that we can guide our customers through to find what best suits them. From the specially made designs,displays, paint, and materials all the way down to the programming itself, we aim to suit our customers needs.

5 Inspection and Engineering Prowess

Based on the regular maintenance contract, a technician will perform inspections and maintenance to maintain performance. We recommend regular inspections and maintenance to ensure safe and comfortable uses.

6 52 Service Stations all Around the country, Open 24 hours, 365 Days a year

Open 24 hours, 365 days a year, with our peerless experience and proven services, we can meet the needs of our customers in a flexible and customizable manner. With our Nationwide Network, we quickly and completely protect and take care of our customers elevators.

7 ISO 9001 : A Worldwide Recognized Certification

In December of 2000, The ISO granted us the ISO 9001 Certification. For half a century, thanks to the patronage of our customers and through much clamoring and protest, we were given this proof of thanks from the bottom of our heart. Even so, we will not change our a thing, we will continue to fulfill the needs of our customers, maintaining their trust, and with honor, continue to work hard in our Industry.