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Company motto

Trust and Honesty

At first glance, these are just words, however, these words have been the company motto for Moriya Transport and Manufacturing since 1949. From new hires all the way up to the company president, our company’s employees attitude towards business and their performance has been unwaveringly consistant and reliable. In order to earn customer trust, we strive to be honest in our product creation, deployment and how we do business. With this in mind, we continue to employ our products for safety, ease of use, and the safe transport of people and items.

Management Policy

Management policy

This company creates high quality and low cost products that adhere strictly to manufacturing laws, are durable and simple to use, and meets its customer's every need.
Our Company isn't a top down style company. Each team sets their own goals and works towards those goals.

Company Information

Company Overview

Company NameMoriya Transportation Engineering and Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
RepresentativePresident and CEO Sadao Moriya
EstablishementMarch 1950
Head Office Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Kanazawa Ward Fukuura 1-14-9
Income ¥ 1,079,437,000( September 2023 )
Listed Stock ExchangeTokyo Stock Exchange, Standard Market Securities Code 6226
Number of employees350 *including Part time Company Employees (As of March 2023)
Operational Details Our operations include:
Passenger Elevators, Verticle Transport Lifting Machines, Shipping Machinary Design, Construction, Maintenance, Repair, Upgrade and Repair,Renewal and Installation.

Building Permits

Manufacturing license

Construction Industry Serial Number 国土交通大臣 般-3 第6463号
Elevator Manufacturing Permit Kamikimoto Ku-No.1153 Rope Type, Capacity 20.0t
Kmaikimoto Ku-No.429 Oil Pressure Type, Capacity 30.0t
Specially Authorized Equipment Ministry of Construction Authorization No. 1020 Automobile Elevator
Ministry of Construction Authorization No. 1050 Moriya Automobile Elevator
Crane Manufacturing Permit Kamikinin Ku No.269 30t Roof Crane
Kamikinin Ku No.257 10t Post Type Jib Crane
Kamikinin Ku No.235 10t Gate Type Crane
ISO 9001 Certification

About ISO 9001

In December of 2000, The International Organization for Standardization granted us their ISO 9001 Certification. Ever since, we have continued to receive this Certification and have also continued to refine the quality of our services and products. Fulfilling the wishes of our customers to their satisfaction is our main priority.

Organization Map ( Octber 1, 2023 )

Organization Map