As a manufacturer and a supporting business partner, we provide safety and security to our customers by conducting maintenance.


Maintenance services

Maintenance and inspections

The safety of elevators is ensured by conducting proper maintenance and inspections.
We conduct monthly inspections to check the condition of the machines, and we make adjustments and repairs based on the result. We believe that the core essence of maintenance and inspections lies in taking measures to prevent accidents and breakdowns in advance.

24/7 full support system

We have service stations at 52 locations throughout Japan, allowing us to provide detailed maintenance and respond swiftly in the event of a breakdown.
Our service information center takes calls for breakdowns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we will dispatch someone from the service station or a patrolling serviceman to your site quickly.

Complete backup that can only be provided by the manufacturer

Our servicemen are equipped with the skills and know-how that our company has accumulated for approx. 70 years since its establishment and conducts maintenance to prevent breakdowns in advance.
Each service station is stocked with actual expendable parts, while the headquarters, branches, and parts center stock important parts so that we can help our customer's site recover quickly in the event of an emergency. We also manufacture the components at our own factories.